VW Crafter price: Invest in a Versatile Van

Over the years, Volkswagen has established a reputation for delivering innovative, practical and reliable vehicles. This is also true for their VW Crafter range of vans. The German automaker knows how to make a top-quality, top-performing van to suit the needs of every business owner. Discover the Crafter price and derivative that’s the right option for your business needs-

Tough and Reliable Commercial Vehicles fit for every job

The engineers and designers working on Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles understand that every second counts for business owners. After all: time is money. To move your business forward, you need to invest in a vehicle that’s as tough as it is reliable. It should be able to cope with all the daily pressures of doing business while remaining flexible as well as offering great value for money. The Volkswagen Crafter range is all of these things and more.

There are few vans that can beat the Crafter’s up to 17.5m3loading capacity (depending on the derivative you choose). It’s also available in both long-wheelbase (LWB) and medium wheelbase (MWB) configurations, so you can go as big as you’d like. The Crafter is bound to become one of your star employees.

Find the Best Van Price to Meet Your

Volkswagen South Africa is responsible for introducing all of the latest models to the country, including those currently found in the VW Crafter range.

CFAO Volkswagen is a proud stockist of the full Volkswagen South Africa Passenger and commercial vehicle range, with dealerships spread out across the country. This means we can - more often than not - find the vehicle you’re looking for within a very short time. If you want to order a custom vehicle that meets requirements to a T, then we can also help. We have both new and used cars for sale.

When you buy any vehicle - including a Volkswagen Crafter - through your nearest CFAO Volkswagen dealer, then you can expect exceptional aftercare and the prospect of competitive prices. Be sure to speak to our F&I team to help set up a deal that’s good for your budget, whether you’re purchasing as an individual or a business. Don’t leave that dream vehicle on your wishlist - make it a reality today!

2020 Volkswagen Crafter Price List

Before taking a look, please take note that all prices relating to the 2020 Volkswagen Crafer range and that are mentioned in this article are subject to change without prior notice. Be sure to contact your nearest CFAO Volkswagen dealer for the latest, up to date prices, estimated monthly installments, and potential special offers.


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Optional Extras From Across the Volkswagen Crafter Range

Depending on the Crafter derivative you choose, some standard features may include a high roof, metallic or pearlescent paint and 270 ° rear doors. These standard features are available as optional extras in certain derivatives that lack them.

If you want something extra fitted on or in your Volkswagen Crafter, then consider the following options:

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or full details on what you can expect to be included with the Crafter of your choice, as well as what you’ll need to pay extra for, visit Volkswagen South Africa’s Crafter Prices and Options page or download the brochure here. You are also more than welcome to contact your nearest CFAO Volkswagen .

Why not upgrade your maintenance plan with a Volkswagen Easy Drive Vehicle Plan?

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Please note the availability is subject to an Active Genuine Volkswagen Maintenance Plan or, alternatively, an Active Standard Volkswagen Warranty. To find out more about service plan options, get in touch with a CFAO Volkswagen near you.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Volkswagen Crafter for Your Business

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not buying a Volkswagen Crafter van is the right decision for your business, then allow us to highlight some of this multi-purpose vehicle’s features:

#1 Tried, Tested and Proven Durability

When the latest Crafter range was still in the testing phase, over 700 vehicles underwent rigorous testing. These tests included both aggravated long and short-distance testing with an identified durability of around 300,000 km minimum for the drivetrain, an intense 10,000 km corrosion test and more. Either LWB or MWB configuration is an excellent choice for a reliable workhorse.

#2 Unrivalled Cabin Ergonomics

Step inside the Volkswagen Crafter and settle down either behind the wheel, in the co-driver’ seat or as a passenger. The cabin was created to offer all seat occupants complete and utter comfort and practicality. New features that will enhance your in-cabin experience include storage compartments large enough to accommodate laptops and A4 lever arch files, as well as spacious storage compartments found on top of the dash panel which can hold A4 writing pads. Volkswagen’s latest Crafter range has been designed with the driver’s needs in mind.

#3 Enjoy a Stress-Free Journey With Load Adaptive Control

When the Crafter undergoes any changes in its centre of gravity along its longitudinal axis or in terms of its vehicle mass, safety systems such as ABS, ESC and traction control are triggered in response to its vehicle load. This ensures that you can enjoy a smooth, safe and stress-free journey, even with a full load of cargo.

#4 It Features One of the Best Drag Coefficients in Its Class

The new Volkswagen Crafter range features optimised vehicle aerodynamics, which ultimately results in an aerodynamically designed van and incredible efficiency in terms of both emissions and optimal fuel consumption.

#5 Experience Improved Driving Comfort With Electromechanical Power Steering

To ensure that you experience enhanced driving comfort, the VW Crafter offers a driving experience similar to a passenger vehicle thanks to its electromechanical power steering, along with its suspension and chassis setup. This kind of power steering has another considerable advantage to it: it allows you to add driver assistance systems like Lane, Park and Trailer Assist.

Continue on Your Business Journey in a Van That Can Do It All

As mentioned before, there are currently a variety of Volkswagen Crafter 35 and Crafter 50 derivatives available for you to choose from. If you’re looking for new or used cars for sale, then we invite you to visit your nearest CFAO Volkswagen dealer to see the Crafter range for yourself. Come and test drive the model you have been interested in and put it to the test – we’re sure you will be impressed. Book your Crafter test drive on your mobile device or computer now. Your new van could be right around the corner!

As a way to pass the time while waiting for your test drive, be sure to check for VW Crafter news and read our other articles on the topic to learn more about the range:

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If you are ready to make a purchase, there is always a variety of cars for sale at all our dealerships and keep in mind that we can order just the vehicle to suit your specific needs as well. We are happy to help find the ideal vehicle for you.

For the still undecided, feel free to contact one of our CFAO Volkswagen sales teams. They will be more than happy to assist you with any questions, comments or queries you may have about the new 2020 Volkswagen Crafter range.