You'd be forgiven for thinking that all vans are the same:  business vehicles devoid of any personality or modern comforts and conveniences.  The VW Crafter range, however, is different.  Get ready to make your business mobile with a tough, its class.  Read on to learn more about the versatile van that'll soon become your star employee.

a Highly customisable interior fit for all your business needs

It's rare for a van to be described as a "cool", but Volkswagen's Crafter is just that.  The Crafter has been for sale for quite a few years and during this time has become one of the class favourites.  This is because the acclaimed German automaker acknowledges that different businesses have different needs and caters to just that with a highly-customisable range.  

Those looking to invest in a medium to large van are in luck, as the Crafter range comes in 3.5 ton and 5-ton GVM versions, as well as two different wheelbases.  One of 3,640mm and another of 4x490mm.  Finally, the Crafter is available with three vehicle distinct roof configurations and three body lengths as well.  It doesn't matter which business you're in or how tough your vehicle needs to be, a Volkswagen Crafter will be able to take on the challenge and get the job done every time.  It's a loyal workhorse unlike any other.  

Volkswagen's Commercial Division may be in charge of its production, but the range definitely takes its design cues from the acclaimed automaker's passenger vehicle line-up when it comes to looks.  This benefits the van range greatly when it comes to the exterior as well as interior design.  For now, we will be focusing on the Volkswagen Crafter interior and all it has to offer in terms of standard and optional looks, features, space, and practicality.   

There's an ideal Volkswagen Crafter Interior 9and Van) for every business - Which configuration is the one for you?

As mentioned before, there are quite a few Crafter configurations available for your consideration, all brought to you by Volkswagen South Africa.  These Volkswagen Crafter derivatives include:

  • The Crafter 35 MCV 2.0 TDCI 103 kW Panel Van
  • The Crafter 35 LCV 2.0 TDI 103 kW Panel Van
  • The Crafter 35 MCV 2.0 TDI 103kW Auto Panel Van
  • The Crafter 35 MCV 2.0 TDI 103kW 4MOTION Panel Van
  • The Crafter 50 LWB  2.0 TDI 103kW Bus Conversion Ready
  • The Crafter 50 LWB  2.0 TDI 103kW Panel Van
  • The Crafter 50 LWB  with overhang 2.0 TDI 103kW Bus Conversion Ready
  • The Crafter 50 LWB  with overhang 2.0 TDI 103kW Panel Van

If you are currently in the market for a versatile new vehicle for your business, be sure to get in touch with CFAO Volkswagen.  With the dealer network spanning the country, we are happy to assist you with both your new and used vehicle needs.  CFAO Volkswagen is a proud stockist of all of the latest cars included in the Volkswagen South Africa Range, including the various Crafter derivatives.  Each of our dealerships keeps numerous new cars in stock at all times, so we can more often than not get you the vehicle you want with almost no waiting time.  

 If you're interested in making a custom order, we can assist you with that too through a straightforward ordering process.  When you buy a new car from CFAO Volkswagen, you can rest assured that you'll come up with a budget-friendly deal to suit your needs, based on whether you're purchasing as a business or individual.  

Enquire about our available Volkswagen Crafter van stock today.  You can also place your custom order with CFAO Volkswagen dealer near you when you are ready.  

Please take note that this article won’t be focusing on any one derivative, but will serve as an
overview of the range’s interior as a whole. For more specific information on any given
derivative, contact your nearest CFAO Volkswagen .

The Volkswagen Crafter Interior - Created with perfection in mind.

As soon as you set foot inside a new Volkswagen Crafter van cabin, you notice the attention that has gone into every detail, making it a comfortable and functional space for the driver and any passengers along for the ride. With all this range of vans has to offer, you’ll be sold the moment you step inside and take it all in.

Volkswagen Crafter Interior Design and Comfort

All vans don’t have to be uncomfortable to drive in and the Crafter van range proves it. The
Crafter front interior design boasts enhanced ergonomics for the driver, as well as passengers.
Drivers can look forward to a particularly comfortable seat featuring longitudinal and backrest
angle adjustment, plus plenty of usable space. One of the Volkswagen Crafter van’s main goals
with the latest generation was to reduce the amount of stress placed on drivers. It resulted in
improvements being made in terms of noise reduction thanks to a more refined engine, as well
as upgraded sound deadening.

Two passengers can tag along, as the Crafter front interior also includes a 2-seater passenger
bench, complete with a storage compartment.

Other interior improvements include some robust seat upholstery to help with longevity, a
revised control panel and instrument cluster and a variety of storage compartments for keeping
all your work necessities in place (more on that later). The build quality and materials used
inside new Volkswagen Crafter derivatives are of the highest quality, durable and remain
pleasant to the touch. Its interior is designed to hold up to even the roughest conduct.

You won’t feel overwhelmed with the number of buttons and dials on the Crafter front panel
either, as some minor controls are accessed via the optional touchscreen infotainment system.
Major controls, such as those for the optional air conditioning system, either take the form of
chunky dials or large and easy to use buttons.

Not only is the interior a more practical place to be in the latest Volkswagen Crafter range, but
everything is laid out in such a way that it’s easy to use, supporting the crewmembers during
their challenging day on the job. Overall, the interior is now a far better place to be.

Volkswagen Crafter Interior Standard and Optional Convenience Features

Although air conditioning is an optional extra, the Crafter interior comes with a fresh air
ventilator, which includes air recirculation and heating, as standard.

Other Crafter Standard Interior Features Include:

● Door pockets
● Electric windows
● Heat-insulating glass
● Power steering
● Radio preparation

You can also add some personal touches to your Volkswagen front interior space to make it your own.

Consider adding some of the following optional extras:

● Cruise control
● Front reading lights
● Radio/CD player
● Radio ‘Composition Media’ with an 8-inch touchscreen, 4 speakers, mobile interface and App-Connect
● Semi-automatic Climatic air conditioning system

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There are plenty of other standard and optional Volkswagen Crafter interior conveniences you
definitely want to see. For full details on the most popular features, download the latest
Volkswagen Crafter brochure or view the Crafter Prices and Options page. You’ll find all the
latest extras, along with their prices, listed.

Volkswagen Crafter Interior Space and Practicality

Entrepreneurs can always do with a vehicle that’s equal parts spacious and practical. The Crafter is the result of this vision and is ideal for businesses both large and small. It can be just the solution you’re looking for in terms of a business vehicle. Have a look at what it has to offer
when it comes to space and practicality.

Cabin Space

When it comes to the cabin, a Volkswagen Crafter has one of the most spacious on the market
and boasts plenty of room for all seat occupants, as well as their work-related articles of various
sizes. With the Crafter, you’ll always have an abundance of storage space. The Crafter’s doors
feature two-door pockets each, there’s an assortment of cubbies found on its dash-top, as well
as a few cup holders, a good-sized glovebox, and finally overhead shelves that are large enough
to accommodate a big lever-arch file. All of the receptacles found throughout the Crafter’s cabin
help to keep the space clutter-free, creating a clean, pleasant work environment.

Fold-down the central passenger seat to create a desk or go for the option of having only a single front passenger seat if you need even more space in your cabin.

Loading Capacity Practicality

In terms of loading capacity, a Volkswagen Crafter can accommodate between 9.9-17.5 m 3 ,
depending on which derivative you choose. The loading space itself is one of the longest within
its class and can be up to 4.6 m. Some models also feature between 10-14 lashing points for load restraint, keeping your cargo firmly in place.

The 3.5 ton GVM versions are designed to accommodate a payload of up to 1,597 kg without the driver and some of the 5 ton GVM versions can accommodate a payload of up to 2,476 kg
without a driver. When buying a Crafter you can feel confident that you’ll never have to leave
any cargo behind again.

Volkswagen’s Crafter Range Offers So Much More Than Just Versatile Interiors

A Volkswagen Crafter is a class leader amongst vans for good reason. It not only offers a versatile range of interiors but boasts well-rounded specs, competitive prices, and more. The Crafter is designed to be a reliable workhorse and delivers on your every expectation.

If you’re interested in buying a Volkswagen Crafter for business purposes, you can take the first
step towards a brand new van by contacting your nearest CFAO Volkswagen dealer. Our
dedicated sales staff will help you with the buying process, ensuring everything goes smoothly. If you’d like to add any optional extras like cruise control to your Crafter front cabin, our team will
assist you with that as well.

As there are a variety of Volkswagen Crafter derivatives to choose from, we invite you to
schedule an appointment and book a test drive at the CFAO dealership nearest to you. Come
and experience all of the Volkswagen Crafter for yourself before deciding on which derivative is
right for you. Our sales staff is happy to answer any of your questions relating to the Crafter
front interior and beyond.

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