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The Genuine AutoMotion Service Plan covers all costs associated with your scheduled services, including parts and labour.

*Volkswagen Genuine Service plans are ttailor-madeto suit your Volkswagen. These AutoMotion Plans either come standard or can be taken as an option, extension or an upgrade on your current plan.

What are my options?

From: 5-Year/ 60,000km to a maximum of 7 Years/ 210,000km

When can I extend?

At any point in your journey with Volkswagen, even if your standard plan has expired. You are able to extend your plan in increments of 15,000km and / or annual increments.

Benefits of a Volkswagen Genuine Service Plan:

  • Services can be purchased at any time while vehicle is under 7 years/210,000km
  • Protection against inflation of parts prices
  • Maintains the value of your Volkswagen
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