In today’s tough economic climate, the cost of living keeps on climbing. We, at Benoni Citi Volkswagen are willing to share our advertising spend with you. It is as easy as putting a sticker on your vehicle!
How does it work?
- We provide you with a sticker, which should be prominently displayed at the back of your vehicle. This sticker has your unique "Ambassador” code.
- If a potential buyer who is in the market for any VW product sees the sticker, they simply SMS your unique code to the number provided.
- We then contact the customer and should this result into a successful sale, you will receive an advertising fee based on what vehicle was sold. This fee ranges from R500 to R5,000 per successful transaction.
- Likewise, if you refer someone to buy a vehicle from us, using your unique ambassador code, we will pay you an advertising fee, should the sale be successful.
- There is no reason why you can’t earn up to R15,000 + per month.
- And what’s the catch? Nothing, simply register for your bumper sticker with us today.
- We will however need some details in order to effect payment.
-Your name, surname, contact details incl. email address, and address (proof of address needed for FICA compliance)
- ID Number, Tax Number and verified bank details.
This is a Benoni Citi initiative, a member of the Unitrans VW Group.

Fill in the form below, your details are safe with us and will not be distributed.
Spotters Campaign
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